Pure Motion 2018 Photo Day

We have uploaded the photos online for ordering click on the link to view and order photos. 

Unfortunately we were having some server issues, but we have retooled the issue. If you are still needing help, or are unable to order with the shopping cart please email: orders@primesportsteamphotography.com

In the shopping cart, we have noticed that your postal code must have a space. For example: T3H 3V3 not T3H3V3.

We have each days galleries online if you find the shopping cart confusing you can write the image number down and fill out the provided order forms, found at the bottom of this page, and email that in.

4 up pano.jpg

Panoramic Update

This product was designed for a single dance and is order-able on the website. But we have had several requests to make this pano from poses from multiple dances. This is possible but this can not be ordered online. It will have to be manually ordered with our order form, found at the bottom of this page. There is a $10 fee per extra dance on top of the $40 Dollar 4 pose pano. 

For example:

if you had 4 images on the pano from 2 different dances, the cost would be $60.00. We are also able to put up to 6 images on the pano each image would be $10 plus the extra dance pose fee. If you want one of these, record the dance date and name, plus your child's name and image number from each dance you would like put on the pano.  


Monday Access code is puremotion2018

Tuesday Access code is puremotiontuesday

Wednesday Access Code is puremotionwednesday

Thursday Access Code puremotionthursday